Rania Stone

Greece Coordinator

Meet Rania Stone (Synodinou): A Dual-Life Explorer and Retreat Coordinator

Rania Stone (Synodinou), an avid explorer rooted in the enchanting Amorgos island, effortlessly intertwines travel experiences with captivating storytelling. Splitting her time between vibrant Athens in winter and tranquil Amorgos in summer, she draws inspiration from diverse landscapes.

Versatile Author: Rania’s Literary Tapestry

Crafting six novels and twelve children’s books under the names Rania Stone and Rania Synodinou, her narratives resonate across diverse audiences. Her stories encapsulate the essence of both urban energy and island tranquility, mirroring the rhythm of her dual-life journey.

Storytelling Beyond Books: The Facebook Haven

Beyond being an author, Rania is a storyteller in every season of life. In her Facebook group, “Travel to Greece – Read, Write, and Holistic Adventures,” she not only shares insights about her retreats but also unfolds the cultural richness of Greece. Her goal? To extend the warm embrace of Greek hospitality, welcoming guests to her home country with open arms.

Empowering Extended Stays: Exclusive Discounts

Within the group, Rania goes beyond storytelling. Guests extending their stay in Greece can revel in exclusive discounts for hotels and restaurants. It’s not just about reading and writing; it’s an invitation to experience the heart and soul of Greece.

With a profound background in the tourism industry and as a dedicated retreat coordinator, Rania Stone ensures every detail of your Greek adventure is carefully curated.

Join Rania Stone on a literary journey, where every post is an invitation to explore the captivating tapestry of Greece.