Pam Rader

Yoga teacher
Brief info

Pam is the owner of Shift Power Yoga and the leader of a spectacular tribe of teachers. Her passion and commitment have been to create a community of acceptance, belonging, service, inspiration, and the ability to live BIG!

Pam Rader: Shaping Empowered Yoga Communities

Pam Rader, the visionary owner of Shift Power Yoga, leads a dynamic community of teachers. Her vision encompasses acceptance, belonging, service, inspiration, and the courage to live BIG! In 1999, driven by a quest to heal her back, Pam discovered yoga’s transformative power. It didn’t just mend her spine but sculpted an entirely new life.

Embarking on her yoga journey, Pam, now an ERYT500, shares her life-changing practice with the Okanagan and Vancouver yoga communities in Canada.

Empowering Through Education: The Shift Power Yoga Institute

Pam doesn’t just teach yoga; she is the visionary founder of The Shift Power Yoga Institute. This institute serves as the 200 and 300 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher Training school of Shift Power Yoga, embodying Pam’s dedication to nurturing the next generation of yoga leaders.

Multi-Faceted Leader: Yoga, Authorship, Coaching, and Speaking

Beyond yoga instruction, Pam excels as a best-selling author, certified Strategic Intervention Life Coach, speaker, and leadership development facilitator. Her versatile skill set underscores a commitment to holistic empowerment.

Lit From Within Project: A Catalyst for Change

Co-founder of The Lit From Within Project, Pam spearheads a grassroots movement funding yoga and meditation integration into mental health facilities. This initiative mirrors Pam’s unwavering commitment to fostering community well-being.

Ever a Student: A Humble and Grateful Learner

Remaining a perpetual student, Pam actively engages in ongoing training with her guides and teachers. Through the transformative tools of Yoga, she not only cultivates personal growth but also actively nurtures and creates bold leaders. Pam’s legacy resonates with love, service, empowerment, and boundless possibilities on this planet.