Jonas Saul

Jonas Saul

Embarking on the Amorgos Writing Retreat Journey with Jonas Saul

For nearly a decade, Jonas Saul has played a pivotal role at Imagine Greece Retreats. His deep involvement in writing and reading retreats took a fascinating turn when he contributed to managing yoga and hiking retreats. This experience ignited the idea to host exclusive writing retreats on the captivating Greek island of Amorgos.

The Literary Legacy of Jonas Saul

Renowned as the bestselling author of the Sarah Roberts Series, Jonas Saul’s literary impact extends beyond two million copies sold. With almost sixty novels under his belt, the bustling city of Los Angeles saw the fruition of numerous deals, including MadRiver Pictures’ optioning of his extensive thirty-five-book Sarah Roberts Series, currently in thrilling development.

Global Presence: Speaker, Teacher, and Storyteller

A sought-after figure, Jonas graces international writing conferences, retreats, and film festivals as a guest speaker, teacher, and workshop presenter. Residing in Greece, he orchestrates an annual writer’s retreat.

Crafting Excellence: The Art of Writing

Here, Jonas delves into the craft, teaching the art of infusing tension and emotion into every scene and page. He also shares insights on navigating the intricate path to success in the publishing business, providing a treasure trove of advice on avoiding common pitfalls.

Beyond the Pen: Professional Editor and Literary Mentor

Jonas isn’t just an author; he is a professional freelance editor, collaborating with multiple publishers and offering private editing services. Testimonials on his website at vividly capture the transformative impact of Jonas’s editing skills on various authors.

Adventurous Touch: Hiking Tours and Guest Services

Adding an adventurous touch, Jonas leads captivating hiking tours for all our retreats. Simultaneously, he takes charge as the go-to contact for guest services, ensuring each retreat exceeds expectations and unfolds as the success we envision.

Embark on a Literary and Scenic Journey with Jonas Saul

Join us on this literary and scenic journey with Jonas Saul, where every page and path tell a story of unparalleled excellence.